Wednesday, May 26, 2010

To “ Camp Like A Girl" you really should consider nicknaming your camping endeavors. Every girl I know who owns a trailer has named it and decorated it accordingly. Think of your trailer as your "playhouse" - you get to name it, decorate it and play in it. Who knew at this point in my life I would have so much fun. You can too!

Suggestions for choosing a name and theme:

1. Look for an inspiration piece to build off of. After a long time of trying to name my second trailer this is what finally helped me. I found a book in a waiting room called Mexican Calendar girls and loved it! It was Texas and Mexican (Texican) and Vintage all in one - perfect for me. I live near the Mexican border in Deep South Texas, decorations would be an easy find, and I already owned plenty of Mexican clothing such as hats, skirts etc. I camp with my sisters, Sara and Alice so called mine Vamonos Hermanas which means Let's Go Sister!

2. Make a list of names that reflect your whimsical side. No one will read the list unless you show it so just let your imagination run wild. Some names from my list for my original trailer which was a white Scamp trailer were: Buttermilk, named after Dale Evan's horse, Texas Hen House because Scamp trailers look like eggs, and Happy Scamper a take-off of Happy Camper of course. For the Scamp I ended up calling it Lady and the Scamp a take-off of Lady and the Tramp.

4. Name your trailer after someone or something important to you. My friend Anne named her trailer after her Mom, Maxine and used the funny Maxine cartoon character as her decor. Imagine cranky Maxine's picture surrounded by bluebonnets- there you have it- adorable. Another gal did her entire trailer in vintage pink and uses her trailer as a "breast cancer awareness" tool.

5. Think of naming your trailer like you would name your horse if you had one.

6. Name it after your favorite movie, movie star, TV show, or just a fun camping themed play on words such as Queen of Campalot.

7. Why not use you're nickname given you when you were growing up. Mine was Queen Bee - I was a little bossy evidently. This reminds me that I've seen a trailer called The Bee Hive and it had darling bees and garden decor on the inside and out.

8. Naming a tent might seem harder but it shouldn't be. You could name your whole campsite like you would name your own resort or ranch. I use old garage sale signs to identify my campsite. I covered the old sign with bright masking tape (love that stuff) then my sister, Sara, wrote on it with permanent markers. I just stuck it in the ground at our campsite. Fun Fun Fun.

9. Ask for everyone to help you name your trailer. My family and friends had as much fun thinking up names for me as I did. My husband eventually named my first trailer "Lady and the Scamp" which made it extra sweet to me.

10. Still need inspiration? Visit a few good spots online to view trailers and many will even say the trailer's name along with the picture. I love - its free to search for pictures of anything. Visit there and type in vintagetrailers in the search and then hit slide show.
I also recommend another good site to visit is and once you're on there click on caravan trailers link and you can scroll through 100's of darling trailers - ENJOY!

OK is your head is spinning about now?

If you are like me and a little afraid to commit to a theme or nickname don't worry about it. You can change it as often as you like. It's your party! No one going to care if you use a different name or theme every time you hit the road. Just have fun!